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Halloween Dream

Fiz este trabalho para inglês, supostamente como uma colega minha que não fez nada mais do que apenas traduzir uma página no google xD Gostava de o partilhar com vocês =) ( O trabalho não está corrigido, por isso pode sempre encontrar erros por alguns lados =P )


Černošice, República Checa

It was a strange day for Emily today.. She just got home from school and she gets her stuff out of her orange bag… Then she finds something weird, a strange book that she placed at the side of her bed. She starts doing her homework till she noticed that her mother was in a rush. She was just telling her the same old words “I can’t talk now, I have things to do!” Anyways, Emily’s mother had a pretty rare job, she was a spy from Czech Republic, but that was all that she knew about her.. After she finished her school work, Emily went to play with her dog outside, and played with him for about half hour till the clouds started to get dark. Emily’s dog was a beautiful Siberian Husky with wonderful blue eyes, called Kunitz. They lived at Czech Republic, in a strange town near Prahe (Prague) called Cernosice (Sernosite), with a reasonable quantity people, mostly some traders and workers.

As the storm approaches, Emily returned home with her dog and stands looking at a window, counting the water drops that started to fall, getting stronger each second… till the clouds started to flash and it turned a thunderstorm, as the night started to fall once again at the city of Cernosice. Emily lays down at the bed, noticing that she was alone at home again. At that time her dad was traveling across the world making presentations for a new product of his company), only her best friend, Kunitz, was making her company. She lays down on the bed and starts to read the book she found a while ago. Not much time after she finished reading it, she heard a loud noise coming from the top floor. Very scared with such happening, she goes upstairs slowly and noticed that the window was completely wide open.

And closes it, even tough with some difficulty doing it. The rain falls intensively and without a break. The road was flooded and there were not any cars close… She keeps looking at the window, till that she hears a depth noise of creaking wood bellow her. Kunitz, her proud Siberian husky, raised is hears in sign of concern, and growled. Suddenly, the creaking stops. Emily tries to advance and goes down the stairs, always very careful and with Kunitz at front… Everything is very quiet, only the sound of a wind whisper that goes in by the cracks of the used windows after many years of use and erosion with all the storms that passed by that house.

While advancing, Kunitz smelled something that really attracted him… After passing the stairs, passed by a room that was at his left and, suddenly, stopped. He was just like a statue, excepting for his hears that where moving like antennas, looking for the minimal signal of sound. Until that… BANG! Another loud noise, this time coming from the kitchen, for which Kunitz runs like crazy, with Emily beyond trying to follow him with difficulty! Then she notices that Kunitz just cornered the neighbor black cat, that had escaped again for her house, maybe because of the storm.. anyways, the cat just escaped at the first chance and never returned back again that night. The storm keeps getting worst…

Emily decides to watch television with hope of calming down her nerves… It was a night of 31 of October by that time, and the news were showing that, at that moment, a huge storm, was just passing by Prague and the close cities.  It was cold, the thermometer was pointing to 5 degrees Celsius and promised to keep lowing was the night grows. Emily changes channels and watches some animes at the TV, for about 10 minutes. At the end of that time, the electricity supply was cut and all the block went to darkness. Emily looks around her and finds a candle then tries to light it with a lighter that she bought at a kiosk by not much more than 3 Euros. When she lighted it – AHHHH!!! – A ugly and scary skeleton fell from the stand right on her, that with the shock she threw to Kunnitz, even more scaried than her! Emily, already sick of everything that was happening there, went running to her bedroom, but when she reached the stairs, they were not there anymore, but yes a wall! Then she looked back and found another stairs but that went down, and the hall disappeared… with Kunitz!

KUNITZ!? KUNITZ!!! WHERE ARE YOU? – Screams, desperate Emily, even tough she did not receive any answer.

Emily decides to go forward and downstairs, but as she goes down, she faces a house that hasn’t the house she knew anymore. But she was quite sure that she never left her house… there’s a cat here… and it’s not the neighbor’s cat!

As Emily advances trough the hall, she hears a shrilly voice sounding trough the house, almost a witch voice, but very squeaky… She couldn’t understand what was that mysterious voice saying. Emily was almost in Panic, even more worried with her Kunnitz than with herself, but she did not gave very much importance to the voice, even though she got really scared. Keeping with her walk, Emily passes by many places that she did never saw at that weird and huge house, where she lived at not much more than a month. She arrives at a cave, full of barrels that were apparently made for storing wine, but they were apparently empty, full of dust covering them… looking at her right, she found a strange object with the help of a lantern that she “borrowed” from a explorer statue that was holding it and that still worked quite fine. When she touched it, she saw that It was a mysterious switch, connected to a whole at the wall, and that had a paper with it that said “DO NOT TOUCH”. Curious like she was, Emily didn’t care much about it and touched the switch… it opened a trapdoor on the floor, not very far away from the place where she was. Then she asks herself – what could exist bellow a cave? – Emily finds a old rope and tried to descend using it.  As she was getting down the rope, the belt from her pants leaned on the rope at an exposed part and cut it, and she fell on the ground very hardly, making a loud boom, and making some books to fall of from some bookcases close from her. Emily started to grope the wall in search of a switch that could light up the lamp, or something that could illuminate the area, as the lantern she was carrying with her was broken, thanks to her fall. She finishes by finding a crowbar, that with trouble tries to pull down with all her force, and after her third attempt, she made it! The lights slowly turned on (that part of the house had a different supply of energy, independent from the rest of the house) and a big warehouse as just been revealed in front of her eyes, for great amazement of her. Walking through it, finds some of the most varieties of chemicals and some quite weird ingredients, and at the place where she fell there were some big and old books that apparently didn’t had any interest at all. When she starts to notice at the content of many of the boxes across the warehouse, she starts to suspect that something very strange was happening there… Mouse tails? Crocodile tears? Ostrich eyes? Ogre hair? Dragon Scales? (…)

She then gains some curiosity about those old books that where at the place where she entered. She cleaned the dust of one of those books and read in the title “Witch Guide: Transformations, Volume 4”. She opened it and found some of the most varieties of formulas and theories. Some talked about witcheries like “how to transform a wo/man in a frog”, some talked about “Reliving death people: After-Death transformations”, or even “How to turn a wo/man in a werewolf”, and much more…

As Emily gets more and more curious about everything she was seeing and feeling, a strange new scary and unsafe feeling started to grow inside her… “What if the witch finds me? And if it’s not only a single witch? What would they do if they find me?”. Emily keeps searching for a way to get out of the warehouse but she hadn’t any success doing it… suddently, she hears a howl cutting the air trough the house! Emily screams: KUNITZ!! But, it wasn’t a howl from Kunitz, but yes from a golden eyed, white wolf, that was walking close and that smelled her. Emily got very scared when she saw it, but the wolf just descended to the cave and then to the warehouse without showing much interest on her at first, but then he turned to her and smelled her once more. Then, for big surprise of Emily, he talked to her! And he said her that he was sent by Kunitz to find her, and to take her of that Alley! Then he asked her to mount him and for her to grab very well to the rope he had tied across his body. Emily done what that noble white wolf asked her and he took her from the warehouse with a huge almost acrobatic jump, ascending with the help of too boxes for one of the bookcases and then jumping from it to the corn of the trapdoor, well hold. He kept running by many and diverse halls and using his magnificent wolf sense of smell to guide him. In not much time, they would be again at the surface, unharmed… if it wasn’t the unhappy inconvenience of one of the witches of that city intersecting with both of them, while they were escaping from the house! The wolf asked Emily to stay behind him and growled with the courage and ferocity of a true hero, anxious for fighting for his gold and his life! The witch was about to curse them, when fast like a bolt, Kunitz appears at middle with a special shield and turned the curse to the curser, that turned the witch in an horrible and ugly roach, that he killed right after it. Then Kunitz runs to Emily and starts to lick her frenetically, just like he hadn’t saw her for centuries, also talking with her, asking her about everything that happened and that she saw…

All of a sudden, Emily starts feeling sick and dizzy, and everything starts to fade away… then she finds once more Kunitz licking her, but this time she was at her bed, with the book at the side of her pillow, and at the window a radiant sun, almost like an amazing spring day… All this was a nightmare that ended up in an amazing experience of dream… Emily just found out at her calendar that it was 1 of November, and her mother was calling her to take the Sunday breakfast, an English breakfast like she didn’t had for years, and a big dish of treats for Kunitz! After that she walked through the house… everything looked like quite normal. Nothing happened… then she went outside, with Kunitz… she tried to speak with him, but she didn’t heard him talking… however he was quite happy for seeing her, much more than usual! “yeah, it was a dream…” . Then, she looked for an instant at the forest and saw for about 1 minute an amazing white wolf with gold eyes staring at her… And she remembered instinctively the wolf that helped her while she was dreaming…

-Could it have been true, all that I dreamed?

Now it’s up to you to figure out that! =)

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2 comments on “Halloween Dream

  1. Uma história fantástica muito bem feita! Gostei dos pormenores, muitos parabéns, continua o bom trabalho!!!! 😀

  2. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

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