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Canis Lupus Lupus subclades

Ok, here I am with a new post, hope you liked my first one about canids history. Now that we know how modern canids evolved, I’ll show you several wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus) subclades. Are you ready? Here we go!

Although it is taking place a great debate about the number of subspecies of the wolf, currently the most widespread opinion it recognizes the existence of 32, 24 in North America and 8 widespread in Eurasia.

Canis Lupus Lycaon (Eastern Timber Wolf)

Its habitat is eastern Northern America. It is one of the smaller American subspecies. Coat usually is black and gray, but sometimes more rarely is creamy-white. Weight of 35 kg in males and 30 kg in females. The body, including the tail, has size between 150 and 180 cm.

Canis Lupus Lupus (common wolf)

Medium-sized, fur short and thick, dark gray. It had a very large areal that encompassed the entire Europe and the forests of Russia.

Canis Lupus Arabs

Its habitat is small parts of Arabia. It is a little wolf adapted to life in the desert, which has led to develop ears to enable better thermoregulation. It does not form but big packs, but small groups of 3-4 individuals. It has the two middle fingers fused together.

Canis Lupus Pallipes

Its habitat starts from India and covers whole Iraq. It is 66-81 cm high, long 100-150 cm and can reach to weigh 80 kg. It has a body of reduced size and very large ears. Rarely howls. They live in packs of 5-15 individuals, with a dominant couple that is the only one to reproduce.

Canis Lupus Chanco

Its habitat includes Tibet, China and Manchuria. Medium height with long fur and light colors. Coronoid process of mandible directed towards tail as in dog.

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